Pre Primary School Roodepoort
Pre-Primary School Roodepoort
Nursery School Roodepoort

Kitty is Pre-Primary and Nursery School. Other descriptive words that can be used to describe it are as follows:
Nursery School,Pre primary,Pre School,Pre-primary,Pre-school,After care,Babies,Baby,Baby Care,Child,Child Care,Children,Creche,Day Care,Day Mother,Education,interdenominational,Kiddie,Kiddy,Kiddy Care,Kids,Learn,Learners,Learning,Learning Centre,Little People,Private School,School,Small,Teach,Teachers,Teaching,Tiny Tots,Toddler,Tots.
These are just some of the relevant words that describe Kitty's sphere of operation.

Kitty Pre-Primary & Nursery School
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Office:  011 760 2997


Fax:     086 661 6811 or 011 760 2997
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34 Bickel Street
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