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Our History
Kitty Pre-Primary & Nursery School was born out of a love for children. A place where children are to be  
loved, cherished and educated.

It all began in 1982 as a play group in a room in my back garden. In 1984 Lynette Nel joined me as a  
teacher. We were in full swing, educating through stimulation, with plenty of love and loads of fun.

The play group grew rapidly - we moved to the Baptist Church in Bickel Street, Roodepoort and soon had  
another teacher join us.  The demand grew and the search was on for an appropriate property.  

Co-incidentally the property behind my own home was up for sale. It was duly purchased and converted  
into a Nursery School. We officially opened our doors in 1990 as Kitty Pre-Primary at 34 Bickel Street,  
Horison, Roodepoort.

We catered for children between the ages of three and six years old in four classes: Red, Yellow, Green  
and Blue.  

In 1992 I was blessed with my first grandchild. I wanted, and needed, a place for my beautiful grand  
daughter. The Kayla Bear and Rainbow Classes were added. Kitty could now cater for children from birth  
to Grade R. My grand daughter was in a place where she could be loved and cherished.

My husband Keith, his nickname being Kitty at the time, drew the Kitty logo in 1972, many years before the  
school was established. It seemed appropriate to name the school Kitty Pre-Primary & Nursery School.

Kitty is a place of love.

Aileen Stephen
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